Emirates Airline Boeing 773 777 300ER takeoff from Dubai International Airport (DXB) to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Video was shot from seat 9K in Business Class.

Although not necessarily as loud of a growl as the Trent engines, the GE90’s sure have a nice spool up sound and my goodness is the thrust overwhelming. You can hear the little girl in 9A scream as the pilot throttled up!

Turn your speakers up, watch in 1080P HD and like any other 777 take off video, pay special attention to that beautiful wing flex!


  1. most likely Pratt & Whitney engines. The Airlines don't fly DC-10s any more because of this. they're used as fire fighting planes, and redesignated the KC-10, they're used s tanker planes for mid-air refueling of fighter jets, etc.
    My brother, Bob is a retired airline pilot. He was flying a DC-10 which blew an engine over Saudi Arabia, He had to jettison 135,000 pounds of jet fuel, so he could make an emergency landing. His company, World Airways commended him on how he handled the situation.

  2. Yer right, I'd agree with you. I've seen that ad for General Electric jet engines on TV, with the robot looking up at one on a United jet. I heard awhile back, there was an oil leak or something like that,in one of the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 on one of Quantas' Airbus A380s, which resulted in ground it's whole fleet of them, 6 in all. Quantas gave Rolls-Royce holy hell about that. The Pratt & Whitney engines? The DC-10 had a rather nasty habit of blowing engines which were (cont.)

  3. That's not true if he's talking about current commercial airliners. Currently the GE90-115B engine on the Boeing 777-300 is the most power engine in the world. The GE engines are my favorite, I have flown International allot out of Houston and because of that I usually end up on an ex-Continental 777, which have the GE engines on them. The Rolls-Royce have a unique sound to them, but they don't have that thick growling sound like the GE's.

  4. The trents are definitely louder because when they reach near to maximum thrust their sound changes from a pitching sound to the sound an old fridge makes which I dont like. The GE90-s are more smooth sounding and like heaven to the ears hence I think they are quieter. But give me the sound of them anyday over the trents

  5. I love airplanes and flying. To me, the take-off is the real fun part of the flight, I'd say the frosting on the cake! I heard that one retired pilot say the Rolls-Royce engines were the most powerful & smoothest, but used the most fuel.

  6. c'mon, you actually think the Trent's are louder? The GE on the -300 is the most powerful engine in the world, how you can compare it to the Trent is beyond me.

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