The organization will invest an extra 21 million euros in our country and build approximately 1,000 immediate and oblique employment.


Emirates experienced two possibilities to broaden in Brussels: both the organization introduced a single of its 89 Airbus A380 (double stage), the largest business airplane in the environment, or it released a next daily flight to Dubai. It is this next alternative that the Emirati carrier has last but not least decided on, with a evening flight to be released (departure at twenty:fifteen from Brussels, arriving in Dubai at 6:00 am) on Oct 29, doubling the existing frequency A flight with a departure at 15h from Brussels).


Has the organization been scared that its “Super Jumbo” will just take the fines for noise nuisance of the Brussels Area? “No, irrespective of its measurement, the Airbus A380 is a silent airplane and it is not a element that has weighed in the conclusion even if this file is worrying”, clarifies Jean-Pierre Martin, the Boss of Emirates in Belgium. An additional impediment to the arrival of the A380: Brussels airport does not have the infrastructure essential to accommodate such an plane. “But there is a will of Brussels Airport to be upgraded quite shortly” proceeds Mr. Martin. Belgium is considered a “pearl” on the side of Dubai. “We have occupancy charges of our planes of more than eighty%, which will make envious” develops the boss. “With the diamonds in Antwerp, the European institutions in Brussels, … the Belgian industry is very promising in conditions of small business travellers and Première Classe.”


Shut to 100 million euros for the Belgian economic system

Emirates sees large for the Belgian cash, as it will convey a next Boeing 777-300 with 360 seats (like eight suites and 42 small business seats), pretty much the next largest business plane in the environment soon after &#39A380 “With out pretending to be pretentious, we have nothing at all else” smiled the previous British Airways executive. Emirates has received rid of all these smaller plane in new years to have only two designs: the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 777. “ The goal is to double anything, the number of travellers (525 000 Seats proposed per yr) but also the investments we will make in Belgium, “ reveals Mr. Martin. The Emirati organization will invest an extra 24 million bucks (21 million euros) per yr for this new flight, which is envisioned to build in between 1,000 and 1,five hundred employment “immediate, oblique or induced” in Belgium.

“This new flight will also create one hundred ten million bucks (approximately 100 million euros) for the Belgian economic system, especially by means of the frequentation of hotels, eating places, …»


“No sponsor, unless Anderlecht or Typical does not achieve the semifinals of the Champions League”


Emirates will not sponsor a Belgian club on the jerseys of the largest football golf equipment.

“There is nothing at all on the agenda”, says Martin. “ Emirates buys visibility that will have to be as detailed as attainable. This is missing in a smaller industry such as Belgium, so unless Typical or Anderlecht arrives each yr in the semi-finals of the Champions League, it will be intricate. “


It must be mentioned that two thirds of Belgian travellers passing via Dubai stay only a handful of several hours and then head for an Asian, African or Oceania location. “This new flight will let us to offer more places from Brussels, with improved connections, especially to Thailand, Mauritius, Maldives, Vietnam or New Zealand, with a ready time Oscillating in between 1h and 3h30 in Dubai “.

Emirates also plans to establish the weekend concept in the emirates from Brussels, with a departure on Friday night from Brussels for a return on Monday early morning. “It is normally considered that Dubai is costly, but it is no for a longer period real. Certainly, there are palaces that can not be paid to common people today, but there is also a way to spend good times for the exact same value Dubai is a type of large Med club in the open air: there is a way to do anything, not to mention that the local weather is quite nice in winter Enterprise people today will also be capable to spend the working day in Dubai for a assembly and return in the working day “concludes Mr. Martin.

A lot more than 230 Belgian organizations, like giants such as Deme, Besix or De Nul, are current in the emirate.

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