Emirates, the largest operator of Boeing 777 aircraft has unveiled their new “game changer” First Class Suites at the 2017 Dubai Airshow. Upon entering the First Class cabin, you are greeted by the full height suites and the UAE’s National Tree, the Ghaf.

The new motif, the Ghaf tree, welcomes you upon entering the cabin,  ©Emirates

The new luxury suite composes of personal ambient lighting, heating and cooling controls, and personal binoculars to view the scenery shown from their windows.

The seat, which turns into a fully lie-flat bed and contains a “zero gravity position” is made from the finest leather. This is accompanied by a new touch-screen television, tablet and many other touch-screens to boost productivity.

The new “Zero Gravity” Position ©Emirates

As well, a new table design, mini bar, side table & storage bins help provide customers with a new luxury experience. After all, Emirates reaches for high standards.

Tim Clark, president of Emirates commented:

“Throughout the aircraft, our customers will see modern and airy cabins, with painstaking attention to detail evident in design touches such as the textured wall and ceiling panels, lighting features, and more.”

New Minibar and over-hauled seat ©Emirates

Designed by Mercedes-Benz, influenced by their S class vehicle, Mercedes have done an outstanding job of creating luxury throughout the full height individual suite. They have even gone the extra mile to allow middle seats the ability to view the outside world through “virtual windows,” using fibre cameras.

Lie Flat Bed, in the new Suite, featuring the Virtual Windows ©Emirates

The new First Class Suite has been debuted on Emirates’ first 777-300(ER) to be painted in the ‘Year of Zayed 2018’ livery, which will enter revenue service after the completion of DAS2017.

Emirates 777-300ER in ‘Year of Zayed 2018’ livery ©Emirates

Hopefully, this new first class suite will help increase the already existing luxury in Emirates aircraft.

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