This driftdown exercise video contains errors, omissions and oversights that won’t be present in the production product. It was filmed at the tail end of a day with some time remaining to simply trial some techniques and give our first officer (who is, in fact, a Boeing 737 pilot) some time to familiarise himself with the Boeing 777. The production version by BeliefMedia contains a classroom based element.

Because the video was produced for the training environment, it doesn’t necessarily demonstrate or reflect best operating or SOP compliant practices.

These videos were produced for exclusive use by BeliefMedia. There is no airline affiliation.

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  1. why am i watching these. Im not pilot. i have never wanted to be a pilot. i am a 15 year old girl. subscribed

  2. Every other sim video I see shows the engine going from normal speed to completely dead in one shot, not like how on this one the #2 engine at first rolls back somewhat

  3. I think the real emergency was the first officer having too much baked beans last night lol
    Aussie humour at its finest lol

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