Our Cockpit Filming of the ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES Boeing 777 from Addis Ababa to Dubai, Luanda & Abuja includes some scenes of the First Class Cabin service. For the full 4 hour film visit


  1. I remember when American airlines routinely fed you…and provided seats in all classes that didn't make your buns numb after an hour or two. Sigh.

  2. First time I had Ethiopian food was in Salt Lake City Utah at the Blue Nile restaurant. (Yes. Salt Lake City has diversity.). It was soooooo good. This makes me hungry for injera!!!

  3. very nice..i like to see this type of interviews on different airlines..gives me a more indepth sights about the airlines, i think this type of interview is more needed for airlines as a whole and not just the plane/aircraft itself…the cockpit & cabin crew are also important

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