This is a video from my way back to Toronto from Abu Dhabi onboard an Etihad B773, video was shot using my iPhone 5 in early Nov. Inspired by Etihad Airways


  1. The video was gud but y dnt u ppl show the flaps opening and closing . Thats the main fun to watch d video . I always get a night flight so i am not able to see those flaps but if u r travelling in day and taking a video so u should the flaps . Next tym if u take a video take care about dis silly things . Fyn . And again it has proved that iphones are the best phones to take a video . I too have an iphome 6 plus .

  2. whats your oppinion about the comfort of the seats? i am pretty big(1.90m and 120kg) and from the reviews that i am reading i think that i am going to have a really bad time…

  3. everyone knows its Etihad music, its obvious u can hear the word "Etihad" in it, MEGIDIOT rather meant the excellent selection of music by the author for this video.

  4. It is the Etihad Airways Boarding Music (something to remember your flight experience by – one of the joys of flying airlines like Etihad and Emirates… and the music forever plays in one's mind long after the trip is done.

    A very effective marketing tool, no doubt.

  5. When it comes to food Etihad Airline is CHEAPO. Food they served is like KID MEAL. In CONTINUES 14 hours flight Etihad Airline served DINNER around 9:00pm. The serving portion/quantity was so small. After eating passengers were discussing with each other that they were still feeling hungry.

    At day break in the morning NO BREAKFAST at all. An hour before landing in Abu Dhabi A LOUSY SNACK was served.

    SHAME ON C H E A P O ETIHAD AIRLINE. The service of this Airline isn't that great either.

  6. If you're going to fly in coral economy in a B773 then they have 3-4-3 seating which feels very crowded and if the person seated front of you decides to lean back on his seat then you'll be choked. I'd rather fly in an A330 or A340 since the seating arrangement is get or sit at the front. meal service is mediocre at best as they ran out of food often. good luck

  7. I'm gonna fly in Etihad in 10 Days, have flown in Emirates (Outstanding and hoping the same for Etihad :D) KLM, Jet Airways (Ok I guess 🙂 Malaysian Airlines (Awesome) Qatar (Sooo Cool just loved it!) Singapore Airlines/airways (Ok) Gulf Air (Good Experience) so I have a lot of good expectations for this Airline and First time Flying on Etihad!! AND CAN'T WAIT!!! ^_^

  8. Thanks, agree great view of wing, the aircraft was packed, only got the wing seat, don't remember the seat no. though. But if you're planning to fly with Eithad (and I am sure other airlines as well) provide an online map where you could select the seat you like, provided its not booked.

  9. Yes they went with 3-4-3 seating configuration, which has made economy class very congested on their 777s even then the flight is jam packed from Toronto to Abu Dhabi

  10. Lovely video man, was the economy seating in 3-3-3 or 3-4-3 ten abreast layout? Flying Etihad in a few weeks myself for the first time in over 2 years and I heard they went 10 abreast with their 777's.

  11. Actually it was more like 14 hrs approx. at a mere speed of 900 km/h from Toronto to Abu Dhabi non-stop, which is like 30 times slower than the space shuttle taken to moon.

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