Aircraft: Boeing 777-35E(ER) (B-16706)
Airline: EVA Air
Route: San Francisco-Taipei
Date: April 21st 2014

It was quite a long 13 hour flight across the Pacific Ocean to Taipei, but it was a comfortable one. The Flight Attendants were really nice and attentive and the food was amazing. Elite Class is certainly one of the best Premium Economy products out there in the world!

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  1. thanks for sharing this fyi….will try EVA air …..m a frequent flyer from SFO to MNL…..I frequently used Singapore Air or Cathay Pacific

  2. L
    Korean air and Eva I've done both out of Seattle I have to go Korean air as the superior way to travel to Ho Chi Minh city but nice video

  3. Very nice video!  Any idea how the leg room is in economy? I'm 6'2" and have trouble on 4 hr flights.  Do you think it's worth the upgrade? The difference in price is quite a bit.  I'll be taking this same flight in Feb.  Thanks !

  4. You can't see anything at night, so not having a window seat is not big deal. Aisle seats are better for getting up and moving around which is important for a 13 hour flight. Seat "G" which you had is a good seat because there is not electronics box in your foot area and you're more likely to have an empty seat next to you than a side seat.

  5. I'm so sad because I'm not going to the premium or the elite I forgot what ever its called but it looks way better than the non premium or the elite 🙁

  6. I take a similar flight from LAX to Taipei continuing to BKK once or twice a year.  Elite is  the only way to go.  You get two meals on the flight.  Elite seats are much larger and more comfortable than coach.  Elite section of the AV is quieter and separate from Coach.  At Airport check in ticket counter, there is a separate line and it is never more than one person in it.  I only have carry on, but still, it avoids having to wait in the long coach line. 

  7. I agree, great video.  I have a question though….Did they have a mid flight snack that was given out or available.  Your videos says that was a 13 hour flight.  I am considering taking Eva Air from New York-JFK to Bangkok via Taipei, and the New York to Taipei leg is just a tad under 16 hours, so I was wondering if they had the mid-flight snack.

  8. at 2:43 thats my co worker on the left wearing a blue prime flight uni. hope u enjoyed ur flight from SFO-TPE i work wid EVA Air Cargo Team SFO

  9. Hi, great Vid thanks. I have flown business with Eva before but can you tell me was the seat comfortable and did you sleep much really?

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