**I meant “London” and not “Paris”

Philippine Airlines invited me to the arrival of their newest addition to their fleet, the PAL Boeing 777-300ER. This is a video tour inside the plane! Also, check out why I can never be a flight attendant.

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  1. Having flown other carriers, these business class seats pale in comparison to other airlines, considering this is a newly acquired aircraft. Aisle access is a major letdown for the window seats, and there is no sense of privacy as well. I've seen your vlog about their tri-class and the new business class seats have much better design with the 1-2-1 arrangement. I hope they retrofit all their business class cabins

  2. That's great but this plane must fly the Manila to London and vise versa not the old a340-300 for 15 hours!!! Just last April I flew from Sydney to manila in the a340-300 no ptv,live safety demonstration!!! I got bored and they just gave us iPad mini for pal esuite!! But I still enjoyed it I really the bording and arrival music. That flight was just 7 to 8 hours and I would feel really bored if I fly twice those hours which manila to London so I hope when those 2 new b777s arrive at December 2017 I wish one of them or both of them will fly to london

  3. if you ever get the chance to be invited again for the delivery of the first Airbus A350-XWB next year, can I be your personal assistant, i would love to be on the maiden flight of that sexy raccoon called the A350. 🙂 :/

  4. Im Flying Air Philippines London to Manila next July i hope its the new 777. I flew this September although the staff wonderful the plane was really tired but i loved flying direct & the price competitive.

  5. i always fly los angeles to manila for the past 30 years. ganun pa rin simple design hindi gaya ng ibang airlines iba talaga pag nag design ng interior. they need to spend more for the price they charge for transpacific flights ang mahal kasi.

  6. I had the chance to fly on PAL in business class trip from Vancouver to Manila to Vancouver to Toronto on their 777-300ER. I see they improved their new business class seats.

  7. Great Video!! . LOL would be awesome to have you aboard on one of my flights, might fly your plane when you take your next flight! 😛

  8. Wow may special shout out for me haha 😀 Thank you guys!

    Too bad I missed this event. Looks fun! I hope eto na rin for London flights lalo na this December.

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