The world’s best wide body airliner!

Music: Only The Light Is Gone
Artist: Dalo Vian
Listen to the entire music here:

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  1. wth is also interesting with this awsome baby is that the GE-90's used to power this aircraft, have a diameter of only 30cm less the the diameter of the cabin!

  2. Least fav aircraft. This plane will go down as the plane that killed the 747, 380, Concorde, 767, and 350. This plane disgusts me how it ruined 5 airplanes when boeing could of made a 747 more fuel efficient and quieter instead of a new plane.

  3. +Allec Joshua Ibaythis kind of music reminds me of death…great video. btw the worlds longest flight today is from a Qatar 777-200LR from Auckland-Doha

  4. The 777 is the most uncomfortable plane for someone like me, somewhat tall at 182 cm and always flies international economy class. Due to what I would call a design flaw, entertainment boxes are placed at regular intervals under the seats. So if your seat is behind such a box, you cannnot streach out your legs under the seat in front! On 10 hour flights this is a big problem that is added to the already crampted seating in economy. No other plane has such an obstical under the seats!

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