Is it however well worth recalling the information? On eight March 2014, a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 took off from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. A couple minutes later, he sends a information to the Malaysian manage: “ Very good night time, Malaysia 370. ” And then very little. This will be the final information of the crew. Much more than three many years later, no trace of the aircraft was observed, with the exception of a couple minimal components (seat particles, stabilizer, front-conclusion hatch and wing root) stranded on the Reunion Island, Madagascar, South Africa, Mauritius and Mozambique … The wreck has however not been found

What we know …

In his e book, Gilles Diharce, Army Air Controller, opted for a complex strategy. It is dependent on the official progress stories of the many companies in cost of the enigma. Each the stories of the Malaysian investigation group, these of the Australians, the French of the BEA and the Air Force, and industry experts from Inmarsat …

no formal conclusion. It describes the recognized functions, and remembers some evidences. For case in point, it is recognized that neither Captain Zaharie Ahmada Shah nor his co-pilot Fariq Abdul Ahmid responded to the many messages issued by Vietnamese controllers and Malaysian operations. But the plane ongoing to fly quite a few hours right after the final radio exchange. Gilles Diharce concluded that “ if the MH370 flight has been silent for so extensive, it is more possible the willingness of one or more men and women not to discuss on the radio.

Unexplained inconsistencies

Equally, it has been proved that the transponder of the 777 has not been emitted since the final exchange. Of program, it can be a breakdown. But the writer clarifies in detail the procedure of the transponders and chooses to rule out the speculation of a breakdown. Stays the bodily action of “ a person ” in the cockpit. So, according to him, “ no motive can explain why a crew disables the transponder unless it seeks to voluntarily take away the aircraft from the radar screens. “(webpage 45).

The set of feasible, probable, probably feasible tracks are sifted by the e book, with, every time, a reminder of what is feasible in aviation , and what is not. For case in point, according to details exposed by the Malaysian Army, the 777 would have designed a quite shut “ convert” (19459004) to return to Malaysia – just right after leaving it – and have started out a descent with an acceleration bringing the aircraft effectively past the supersonic pace, obviously effectively past the VMO and MMO (velocity utmost working and mach utmost working). Why ?

Vain lookups

The writer also lingers on the trajectory of the plane right after the final radio contact. It is recognized that the Satcom process of the aircraft stopped and then “ reconnected ” to the community significantly later. Why, how? Again, there is no reply. But it was therefore feasible to reconstruct with more or fewer precision the route of the aircraft. With a superior margin of error for the reason that neither the true pace nor the altitude of the 777 was transmitted to the Inmarsat satellites.

In complete, it is a hundred boats and airplanes (in the Strait of Malacca) and in the south (in the Indian Ocean). and hundreds of tens of millions of pounds expended) that are deployed on exploration spots greater than France! And very little has so much been observed: no wreck (as a result no black bins) or particles big enough to evaluate the affect zone right after back-drift calculation.

The mystery of the flight MH370, autopsy of a disappearance
By Gilles Diharce – Editions JPO
391 web pages (quite a few illustrations) – 24,35 euros

Then some theses have spoken of terrorism, diversion, plane-spy … With no definitively discarding them the writer leans more in direction of a deliberate act of the pilot of Malaysia . With of program a big dilemma mark. To conclude his operate, Gilles Diharce recalled the primary tips designed by the competent authorities, in distinct ICAO, organizations and companies, regarding the checking of aircraft all through oceanic overflights, specifically these not covered or not covered by the radars. So, the Airbus job of the computerized deployable flight recorder (ADFR), which would be activated instantly, and out of the plane, in essential situations …

truth of the matter about the disappearance of flight MH370? Anyway, each and every new publication raises desire in drama and maintains the mystery.

Bruno Rivière

Invest in on line: Le Mystére of the flight MH370 – Autopsy of a disappearance “details: picture / gif base64, R0lGODdhAQABAPAAAP /// wAAACwAAAAAAQABAEACAkQBADs =” details-lazy-src = “×150.jpg “course =” avatar avatar-one hundred fifty image “peak =” one hundred fifty “width =” one hundred fifty “/>

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