OS068 – 05/2017


  1. Fly CHEEKI BREEKI airlines they have hard bass and vodka you can do squats when ever you like(don't look up the airline it's a joke)

  2. Will you plan to take Austrian from Vienna – Los Angeles or Los Angeles – Vienna someday? Would love to see a video on that. Maybe also take some pictures so you can post it on Airliners.net. 🙂 Pictures of Austrian at LAX airport and maybe while it's flying above Los Angeles. Also while flying to Los Angeles you can take a pic of Greenland or when flying back to Vienna from LA, you can take pics of the wing during sunset. That would be cool to see. I'm asking a lot I know haha.

  3. I always love the in flight chef on Austrian, even if it is flight crew just pretending. The food always looks fantastic. Great report.

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