Best viewed in HD! Full flight report onboard Garuda Indonesia Boeing 777-300ER Executive Class from Amsterdam Schiphol airport to London Gatwick airport.
Special Shot-Out to the awesome Cabin Crew on this flight!
Flight number: GA088
Class: Executive Class
Seat: 14K
Shot with my GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition and Sony Cybershot RX 100.
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  1. nice short flight wih Garuda Indonesia Executive class. Garuda's Executive class are introduced in 1976 when Garuda receive their DC-10-30 (one of their plane PK-GIE crashed in Fukuoka at 1996 as GA 865)

  2. I love garuda Indonesia…
    becouse I am from Indonesia… Garuda Indonesia is the best world Airland and crow cabin in the worl..

  3. Reason why garuda landed in Gatwick is because they where waiting their slot at heathrow. While on waiting list their flight to London was already settled so they opted gatwick while waiting. The other reason why they don't have a direct flight from Jakarta to London is because a 777 fully loaded with fuel, passenger and cargo is too heavy for the indonesian tarmac, the outbound flight to London has a transit in singapore while the inbound flight is direct from london

  4. I'm SO jealous the amenity kit was from l'Occitane en Provence; it's one of my favorite designers. Congratulations!
    Since there were so few passengers on this flight, it makes me wonder if it is even profitable for Garuda to have it?

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