I was suppose to fly from Rome FCO to Dubai DXB on a newly introduced Airbus A380 for that route. Due to the last minute change of aircraft I had to fly on Boing 777-300ER. At first was a bit annoyed because I knew there is no bar and there is no bathroom to take a shower on this bird but hey….. it is still First class suite i get!!! And since i’m holding a bording pass with a 2K seat on it how can that be bad!?! 2A and 2K are regarded as the best seats on this aircraft. Suite with 3 windows just for my pleasure 🙂
I’ll have plenty of time using bar and shower facility on my next flights; DXB- HKG and back.

Waiting for your comments, feedback,…


  1. A good video, but may I make a suggestion? Leave off the music on your next video.  A lot of people put their airline videos to music, but I think it's very distracting. Everybody has different tastes in music.  I enjoyed watching your video, thank you.

  2. Dont worry Emirates  REALLY don't  care about  you at all, I fly Business and First and so far they have given me seat 4a on the A 380 which the tv doesn't work (IN FIRST) they also often regularly forget my welcome drink……..on 3  occasions in the last 6  months…………….not bad for a £2500 ticket.!!…………may as well just buy my  own drinks  before boarding and go economy……………..lets hope EMIRATES| READ THIS but I doubt  they care one iota!

  3. Emirates airline the best company in the world provide a lot necessities even the lower layer of the passengers do not aspire to it 

  4. Fantastic, thanks for sharing. I´m 187 cm and fly economy. I would just be happy for some extra leg room 🙂 Liked and SUBED.


  6. flying first class from NYC to Bangkok for 2adults on Emirates A380 was 40grand plus in US dollars. nice but only downfall was we didnt get there any faster than the ppl in economy or business. lol

  7. It seem like its all about excluding yourself from others. If that's the case just buy your own jet. that way you there won't be any passengers on your plane. I don't know I'm a people person.

  8. Awesome video. Well shot. Thoughtful . Am now a subscriber. But that background music is none of the above. Keep them coming. Maybe some John Adams in future 🙂

  9. It does! And in a great manner too!!! No, that was my personal trip. For business is economy only… hehe. Thank you for your lovely comment :))

  10. Yes, that makes sense! Otherwise the cost is much lower but still very high for most of the people. BTW… my price is for a round trip as well 🙂

  11. I can agree on that with you! But bear in mind that I was flying from Rome to Dubai to Shanghai which is in total a bit less than 14 hours on the plane :). And BTW… who said I didn't have a 5star suite ina hotel? Hehe….. well…. I didn't!
    Anyway… thank you for your comment :))

  12. Paying over a grand for a bigger seat, electronics, fine interior, and top notch service from Stewardesses wiping your ass for a 4 hour flight(depending on where your flying from and too)… I don't think so. I'd rather pay that much and get everything that first class gets at a 5 star suite

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