70 Boeing 777 Movemnents at Vancouver YVR. From Landings, to takeoffs, enjoy 50 minutes of awesome Boeing 777 footage. Apologies for taking so long to post a new video.


  1. In less than few years the Boeing 747-800 will fly only with two engines. The end of the A-380.
    Excellent material. You are a Pro big time, congratulations. Aloha.

  2. Best 777 compilation ever! Well done!
    By the way, one of the ways that I judge airline maintenance is how clean they keep their aircraft. Some of these guys -filthy! A 300 mil aircraft and they can't be bothered to wash it?? Insane.
    Also, thanks for including all the details including make/model/who & time in the vid -very professional. I know that takes a lot of extra work, but it is very helpful to your viewers.
    Hopefully, you could do one of these for the 787?? Would love to see that!
    Thanks again for this one! Subscribed.

  3. 7:46 that little Beechcraft just got scared! Man I love the 777-300ER! Amazing vid for an amazing plane! Any one else love the GE90?

  4. thanks a lot for the video :). I've been in Vancouver last september, and i've travelled with an Air Canada's 777. Incredible plane, it's my favourite plane with B747-8 :). your videos are fabulous, great and amazing, keep going !! 🙂

  5. the best 777 video I have seen keep uploading love your videos
    awesome plane spotting
    love 777 -300 best aircraft!!!!

  6. Love the views you get of the backround geography at YVR…such a great place…I love to sit in the mall parking lot and watch these great planes come in…good job as always !!

  7. As I just told my son, "Sometimes you don't want to think — you just want to watch 777s!" These clips are great. I still try to fly the 777s with 3-3-3.

  8. Thanks so much for making this video! I absolutely love the 777!!! I was wondering, where exactly do you go to film at YVR? Im taking a trip up there soon and was hoping to spot while Im up there.

  9. Thank you so much for doing this video. I enjoyed every minute of takeoffs and landings of the triple 7's.

  10. 0:26 How to land on one wheel You know these air france pilots They Legit Never ever ever land on both wheels i have been on them 4 times so i aint talking bs Only 1 out of my 4 flights with them have they every landed on both wheels and around the same time First flight La to paris and pilot in Training I am giving her off but It was the worst ever! 2 bounces Because landed on the left wheels and bounced about 2 to 3 times and i sware my Butt was A litttleee sore service sux to btw

  11. Meanwhile to you Airbus lovers, do you really want to fly around in something that can be taken down by a little paint thinner?

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