First Aeroflot T7 of the season! 😀 Enjoy!! 😀
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Airline: Aeroflot – Russian Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 777-3M0(ER)
Registration: VQ-BQF
Name: A. Blok / А. Блок
Airport: Geneva Cointrin – GVA/LSGG
Destination: Moscow Sheremetyevo – SVO/UUEE
Callsign: AFL2381 – “AEROFLOT 2 3 8 1 HEAVY”
Flight: SU2381
Date: December 27th 2014
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  1. interesting that state russian use US technology and purchassse, and the prime minister Putin flights in for ever older Il-96 !

  2. Inside the airplane is traveling the future Lenin, which will lead the future Russian Revolution that will topple the Neo-Tsarist Putin´s government, and will establish a new Soviet Union inside the borders of the Russian Federation, just as happened in 1922 when the Soviet Union was founded inside the borders of the former Russian Empire.

    Deal with it…

  3. This 77W with the payload it had that day would have gotten off the 2820m 17/35 at KMHT without even trying. What a sight that would be…

  4. Nice video, the Boeing 777-300ER is so far my favorite aircraft.
    Question: at 1:56 onwards, what were those white things that appeared to be flaking off the aircraft? Ice? The "flaking" continued until the end of the video. They don't look like birds since they were not in front of the aircraft.

  5. I guess that's ice coming off the right wing at 2:01 and 2:10. Maybe someone did a bad job at de-icing or what could be the reason? Could cold humid air over an ice cold wing turn into ice over a wing?

  6. Wow, that bird just shot right up! Beautiful shot of this 77W, nice GE90 sound and rain spray as well! Liked, keep up the great work 🙂

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