PK-GIE – 05-10-2014 – Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
Delivered 31-10-2013. Flight GA089 to Jakarta non-stop.
It was a whole tour to catch this one on this day. I was standing at runway 36L and saw this Plane parked next to RWY 36C. Because RWY 36C was also open, I knew it normally would take that one. So I drove to RWY 36C, but when I arrived there the Plane wasnt there anymore! I thought it departed because it already was 17:00, but it went to the Gate. After a little while they closed that runway, and then I suddenly saw this plane taxiing away from the Gate. Immediately I drove back to RWY 36L, and when I arrived there I had to run to film it from a good spot. Thats why you can hear my breathing for Air. The Plane departed at 17:54 instead of 17:00.

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