Hi guys! Here’s another walkaround video of the beautiful Boeing 777-300ER. This time it’s shot on my GoPro Hero 4. Feel free to leave a comment to tell me which do you prefer, the iPhone 7 or the GoPro? Cheers!


  1. Yo no pasaría por debajo cuando se esta cargando/descargando, luego se caen cosas y la culpa es de los trabajadores.

  2. It's hard to tell just how big this bird is on video, but I'm sure those GE90's are intimidating up close!

  3. لا اله الا الله
    وعلم الانسان مالم يعلم
    حيث قال تعالى
    وما اؤتيتم من العلم الا قليلا

  4. Yes go pro wide angle best result. Being 6.7 years old wear and tear is obvious than say B-16732 .is the tire special order with BR marking? Another great walk around!

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