Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER
9V-SWP / Flight SQ 637
September 11 2012
Amazing flight from Tokyo Narita airport to Singapore Changi, spectacular views on Okinawa and Ishigaki islands from 36000 feet plus amazing cloud scapes over the South China Sea, we hit some light turbulence one hour after take off, see the engine and wing bouncing, clear deep blue skies might this flight a special one to remember, flight time was 6 hours and 15 minutes.


  1. Video is beautiful but the plane is about to expire I think the older aircraft industry is clear from the vibrations and sound Tires and decorations plane generally Thank you for this great video

  2. I've got to go on one of these in September and I'm not at all happy! I flew once when I was a baby, so don't remember that and once more on a short trip to Italy. The idea of going 24 hours from London to Australia is daunting. Someone please tell me how safe it is!

  3. 777s are like celebrities in aviation. I saw five 777s on the taxiway, waiting to takeoff and the sixth one being this airplane from which the video was shot!! My a long hauls always involve a 77W or 77L. Great Video!

  4. Great Video… thanks 🙂   I just love flying in the Boeing 777-300ER for long flights to Asia or North America..   Very good aircraft.  I should take more videos of the flights also….  instead of just photos.

  5. Very nice video, thanks for sharing. In a few months I'll be flying the recent MTY – NRT (monterrey mexico to Tokyo narita) direct flight on a Aeromexico 787 Dreamliner. I am very excited because it's my first time on that plane and I really, really love Tokyo.

  6. Wow can't believe i watch the whole thing. It just sucked me in.LOL. You guys must of been heavy because you used up every inch of runway.

    I notice your 777 added more power later; was that because of noise abatement or heavy trafic? Usually they cut power not add.

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