This is probably one of my longest aviation videos I have uploaded so far at 37mins in duration although I cut out some addition clips because I was not satisfied with some of the angles I filmed the planes at, otherwise this video would have been well over an hour long. Also all takeoffs were from Runway 09R as opposed to 27L because of the westbound winds (in order for an aircraft to gain altitude, it has to fly “into” the wind to take off) so I shall have to pay more attention to the weather reports next time I am down there. However all is not lost as I filmed some aircrafts on the taxiway including a Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-100 cargo plane (A first in my aviation video library) and I filmed other heavies like the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 (I got two of them!), American Airlines Boeing 777 as well as the All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-300ER and the Japan Airlines Boeing 777-300ER which these two aircrafts make a nice roar from their GE90-115B engines and also some nice angles of these aircrafts banking left as well. I also filmed some British Airways Boeing 747’s with their mean-sounding Rolls Royce engines and also a couple of Aer Lingus Airbus A320’s in flight complete with some nice angle views of those aircrafts while banking right. Aer Lingus is one of my favourite airlines and I think all their fleet of aircrafts are Airbus. There is many other aircrafts and airlines that I filmed in the video too. All footage in this video is filmed from the Public Park in Myrtle Avenue in Bedfont, London. The park at Myrtle Avenue is highly recommended if you want to film aircrafts landing on Runway 27L, but check the weather reports first to ensure that there is eastbound winds, not westbound. Otherwise you may see them take off from Runway 09R like in this video. The nearest tube/bus station is Hatton Cross which is about a 5 minute walk. Filmed in July 2012.

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