Once called the safest plane in the world, the mega-airliner has recently suffered a string of deadly disasters.
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History Of The Boeing 777 | NBC News


  1. I call Bullshit on this video, how about doing some real research and giving some thought before blaming the triple 7 for the accidents you site while attempting to infer the plane is dangerous like the narrator (won't dare say journalist) did. One maybe ought to give some thought to Rolls Royce instead of Boeing for the ice crystals, it is only their engine that did this and not the others used on the 777, in other words the airframe and plane are not at the core of the issue the RR engines were. Second the Asiana short landing was a human error caused by pilot errors and a questionable  training procedure and third no one alive today currently knows what happened to the missing Malaysian plane and your fourth point listed that plane was taken down by a missile. I am sure a video like this does well at network that actually kept Brian Williams ( known compulsive liar) on their payroll, keep up this shoddy unethical style of journalism and will go far at NBC

  2. Interesting story.  They weren't certain the icing in the fuel line was the cause of the Heathrow crash.  Good job by the pilots-> no one died.  None of these crashes are design-related.

  3. Come on!!!! The last three incidents were not due to design, mechanical or electrical flaws. Each were the result of human error.

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