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An early start at Manchester Airport on December 23rd 2015 to catch the 3 morning Boeing 777 departures. Etihad, Singapore & Emirates all scheduled to leave before 9am! The sun was still quite low which created perfect lighting for filming. Some beautiful close ups of these mighty aircraft departing on RWY23L, look out for Emirates pilot who gave us a wave!
After the 10:30 runway closure we headed around to the aviation viewing park to see some of the arrivals on RWY23R, one of which was the fourth 777-300 of the day, a Qatar arrival from Doha.

Check out the full video of all this mornings action from Manchester!

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  1. I was in that plane today living the dream doing an interior clean im priveleged as i love my job as an aircraft cleaner at this airport this enormous plane and the female air hostesses are stunning ..

  2. The Easyjet Airbus sounds like a coffeemachine compared to the mighty 777 with GE,s…Lol..lovely video by the way!

  3. With all due respect to RR. GE will always be a superior engine. RR copies everything GE puts out. Much like Airbus. They are inferior to Boeing so they copy everything Boeing creates and gives it another name. Quite pathetic, I think.

  4. Oooooo, what a combination. That lovely whine aswell coming from those beautiful Rolls Royce engines! Oooooooo. Nice easyJet growl too!

  5. Ethiad Flap 15 takeoff config
    Singapore Flap 5 takeoff config
    Emirates Flap 20 takeoff config

    perfect variation. nice vid

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