Indian Airline Jet Airways Boeing 777-300ER en-route from London Heathrow to Mumbai on 20 March 2010.


  1. Flown just about every airline from Europe to SE Asian and Oz and by far the worst are Jet, Air India and Kingfisher Air, when that was operating, for cleanliness and rude staff. Had the misfortune to visit one Air India toilet cubicle that looked like a muck spreader had been in there with the occupant.

  2. Terrible seating and food when they use the 3-4-3 economy configuration on this sector. Was as bad as KLM on the Was-Ams sector. The only saving grace is the service. They have gone downhill over the last few years. Never flying on Jet again.

  3. You you idiot jet airway my grandfather and grandmother and I went from Canada to Delhi and it was the best flight but you know that the best airplane is air Canada check it out

  4. AIR INDIA is much far better than Jet Airways ….Air India is the Best Food wise , service wise, When i was travel to London from Bombay they kept us hungry just given sheet food once only air hostess was rude…. food were cold , I ask us not to ask for water or lemon juice more than twice in 9 hours flight …never ever gonna travel by Jet airways Finally i had to ask for complain book & she was not ready to give me complain book…finally gave me & her face was like a piece of sheet…..

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