Flying with Air China from Frankfurt to Beijing on flight no. CA 932; Plane Registration B-2089; Boeing B777-39L(ER)


  1. I've flown three times to China from Houston to Beijing (direct flight) on the 777 already (about to make my fourth trip in a couple of months). Whoever complains about this airline has some personal issues. I've always been treated very well by the crew. The planes are extremely clean on takeoff, but after a nearly 15 hour flight, they can be a bit messy upon landing.

    The food has always been good. I'm 6'2" tall and the seat space is adequate for such a long haul flight. I like the entertainment offered on the video screens in front of you. Lots of movies to choose from (including American movies). My favorite thing to pass the time is to watch the live map showing where the plane is at all times. Yeah, it can get boring over 15 hours.

    My only complaint is that there seems to ALWAYS be a crying baby or two (or more) on every flight, and people talk all the time, making it impossible to get any sleep (my flights always leave at 1 a.m.). Oh well, that's certainly not Air China's fault.

    For the service you get, and the price you pay, Air China is the way to go if you're flying to or from Asia.

  2. The configuration was 3x3x3 but I can't to see the interior off the Boeing 777-300ER with China Eastern and China Southern Airlines because I would like to know iff MU or CZ will put a 3x4x3 or 3x3x3 configuration in the economy class.

  3. do they have individual tv in economy?  I saw on their site that economy does not.  But in the video it has tv screens.  Just wondering if it's business class or economy.

  4. Air China is horrible. I flew with them from USA to Asia twice and the experience was well below par. The planes were old, staff indifferent, food pathetic and above all .. they cancel one flight and pile on passengers from one flight onto another.  Can you believe they didn not have ANY inflight entertainment on a 6 hour across Asia flight? There you go, thats what I think of them.

  5. I've been on this plane before, the interior is very modern and there was barely any strong turbulence on our flight. In all, I think the only turbulence we had was a few shakes and everything was well. PEK-SYD, the seats I felt were much comfortable than their previous PEK-SYD A330-200s.

  6. Yeah, that is pretty strange. I can only assume the flight was delayed and so dinner was served while they were on the ground waiting.

  7. Perfect.. I am just wondring how would you comment your Air China Experience at all? I will be flying Air China soon.. was it OK? How was the Entertainment?

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