A look around T5 and onbored our new 777-300ER, with the new first class cabin, club world and the new premium economy cabin. The BA ambassadors make a mistake and say it’s the 777-200 but it’s our new 777-300ER aircraft.


  1. well I'm flying to thailand soon on business class and i can't wait! i hope the flights very fun but it is through night which makes it much easier for you not to get bored… hopefully the improvements good can't wait!

  2. I certainly hope its a vast improvement on Gatwick North, whereby even if you are travelling club world, you spend 45 minutes at the bag drop, and consequently lose lounge time, my last experience of the queue's there mean't that I had no time for anything but to rush to the gate where the flight was boarding. Not a good experience.

  3. Horrible- seats crammed into business class with awkward backwards views into your neighbors vision. Would never book on BA in any cabin.

  4. What year was this video recorded then? Most 777-200 planes British Airways owns are from 1995-2001/2. There are only 2 Boeing 777-200 variants from 2009. This video looks like it's from around that time as T2 opened in 07-08 around that time.

  5. I don't really like the rear facing seats in Business class.  Which other airlines have this seat configuration in business class?

  6. I thought the 777-200 didn't have first class as the flight from Gatwick to Male doesn't have first class so therefore I presumed that only the 300 has first class!

  7. Doesnt matter about the plane its the cabin staff that makes it a nice journey a sexy air hostess stockings cleavage sexy smile i always get the ugly one or the guy though:-( Economy is which the masses will be getting so erm whats that like. And how much more expensive is business class does the recession not effect airlines ? I dont like the office partioning its mor elie a call centre. and the confession box window lol. Maybe the economy is the same hence why they didnt show it.

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