Full video report of Turkish Airlines flight TK 26 from Istanbul (IST) to Shanghai (PVG) in Comfort Class (Premium Economy Class)


  1. Did I blink and miss something?  I have heard so many great things about Turkish Airlines' catering, but I did not see any meals served.

  2. Dear Uploader, Alberto Cercel has uploaded, under his name, a full copy of your video as he did with one of mine…..To be reported to Youtube as copyright violation.

    Best regards

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  5. Very nice city, just returned from there. A bit more smoggy than in years past but with 13 million residents, it could be worse.

  6. I just returned to the states from Shanghai last week. From PVG to HKG to SFO, it took a total of around 16 hours 30 minutes. How long is your flight from Turkey into Shanghai?

  7. 🙂 Is it just me (I hope not lol) but does anyone else think the sound of a GE90 spooling up kind of sounds like an air raid siren? 😀

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