Amazing sunset greeted us on our descent into Tokyo… skip ahead to 16.00!

A lot of different options to fly from LA to Tokyo, but I ultimately decided on JAL over Singapore Airlines because it was almost $200 cheaper, and due to the Sky Wider Seats in their Economy Class, the seats were larger than on Singapore Airlines (34″ pitch and 19″ wide). Great service, kinda decent IFE, decent food made for a pretty good flight. Only complaint was the temperature. I swear it must have been about 75F… and no air nozzles on the plane. Not sure if I’d fly again because of that… would choose Singapore Airlines the next time unless ANA or JAL was a lot cheaper.


  1. Oh oh oh…forgot, see you used your iPhone….how did you hold it up to the window or did you have a suction cup with a bracket on it. I noticed the take off footage was very smooth but I also know airport runways are rough. I have familial tremor so holding the camera for that long up to the window is nearly impossible and even more to hold it steady.Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

  2. I got a laugh at the end when someone said, "are we there yet." If you'd take me with you, I'll be happy to notice all the fine details of flying relative to, the meals, the sides, the mid-flight snack,,,,,,if the galley had snacks set up for munching between meals. I'm in to all that minutia. 🙂 Been to Japan twice and rarin' to go again. I love the respect and courtesy that the Asian FA's have towards the PAX.

  3. We Americans have been so brain washed into accepting shity service, food and small seats with no leg room at all that it is not even funny anymore. Well my fellow Americans wake up, smell the roses and see how the rest of the world travels in the air because our airline products suck and are not acceptable anywhere except in the USA.

  4. You are lucky flying with JAL. My ANA flight was codeshared with United Airlines. Cold terrible food no PTV and terrible old flight crew. This flight seems a paradise really comparing Large US 3 airlines

  5. I'm watching this because I calculated that the Japan Airlines B777-300ER has the best economy seat overall out of all the long haul aircraft, closely followed by Asiana's A330-300s with 21" wide seats.

  6. That sunset was beautiful! I adore the JAL sky wider cabin, I've recently just published my own review of it on my channel on a flight from Narita to Manila on the Boeing 767! Fantastic experience that was especially for a tall guy like me, kudos to JAL!

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