KQ104 departure from Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International at 10:50am local bound for London Heathrow on 15th July 2011. Aircraft Reg 5Y-KQU.

Despite an altitude at ground level of 5,300feet and the flight being almost full, takeoff’s from Nairobi in a 777-200ER seem effortless. Note the point when the aircraft breaks the overcast clouds and reveals the amazing African sky.

Filmed using my iPhone 4, airplane mode enabled.


  1. GOODNESS! What a racket! 777 is a beautiful plane, but, unfortunately, it was designed by the Boeing Agricultural Division. And here we are – the allegedly sophisticated aircraft sounds like a badly tuned Ford FW-60.

  2. Nice clip.. But you may well be very aware that you are adviced to switch off any electronic devices during take-off and landing.. You wouldn't wanna imagine what effect the dramatic change in pressure may impose on the battery. And in this case, it is right in your hand. I know you meant good, but it is a hazard for you, and the hundreds of other passengers aboard the plane. 

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  5. Love the sound! The spool-down of the Trent800 ( 2:38 – 2:41 ) is always entertaining… usually catches a few passengers off guard. 😉

  6. "They always seem to crash with alarming regularity."

    Please use facts, not bullshit…. which is exactly what that is.

    "Even bought a French car?"

    No, but a shit ton of people have bought German cars. Ever heard of Mercedes, BMW, etc? You're apparently too ignorant to know that the majority of Airbuses are assembled in Germany, not France.

  7. lol. in case you haven't seen, Boeing's Dreamliner is built with bits from all over the world.. which is why its grounded i suppose! And if Airbus are that bad, why have they pretty much overtaken Boeing in commercial airplane sales?

  8. Oh yes I have been to Kisumu..(quite high up isn't it?) We had some old friends who currently live in Kisumu over to visit us here in the UK just this June past. They met each other back in 1950's Ruthin, North Wales and then they moved out to Kenya in 1962 I think they said. My Mother and Father knew their parents (who have since passed away). Oh yes – know all about road accidents in Kenya (Magadi Road has claimed the life of a very good friend of ours). Its still very painful. Was 7yrs ago

  9. Kisii is in the Highlands not to far from Lake Victoria, and Kisumu do you know Kisumu? Kisii is also a tribe also known as the AbaGusii or just Gusii. It rains alot so every day the buses are full with bunches of green bananas bound for Nairobi. As you realise its great when all goes well but if you have an accident well the ambulance is not that likely to arrive on time.

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