A full length, full flight video from Seoul Incheon to Chicago O’Hare, with Korean Air onboard Boeing 777-300ER HL-8008, operating flight KE37 on July 14 2016.

**Every moment of the flight included from airport to airport, with the exception of a short period at sunset where the window blinds had to be closed. ATC for the approach and landing into Chicago**


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Our video today begins on stand at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport, ahead of our pushback. After the huge GE90 engines spool into life, we taxi to the active runway, runway 33L. We depart over the sea making a sweeping left turn back over the airport and across Korea. We cross the Sea of Japan and enter Japanese airspace, crossing the coast north of Kanazawa. We cross Japan towards Tokyo, crossing the coast to the Pacific Ocean to the north of Tokyo. From there on it’s a long flight across the Pacific Ocean as the sun sets, and then rises again a few hours later.

We make landfall into the United States overhead Seattle, crossing Washington towards Spokane. We then cross Montana, South Dakota and Iowa as we head towards Chicago. We commence our descent towards O’Hare overhead Wisconsin and make a right turn towards Chicago. We fly overhead O’Hare airport, before making a sweeping left turn over Lake Michigan and commencing our approach to runway 28C. We pass over the suburbs of Chicago before touching down smoothly on runway 28C and taxying into the terminal.

Airline: Korean Air
Flight: KE37
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER HL-8008
From: Seoul-Incheon (ICN)
To: Chicago O’Hare (ORD)
Departure: 11:06
Arrival: 09:41
Flight Time: 12:34
Seat: 40J
Flight Path:


  1. Love your videos. I fly a lot but can't ever seem to rest. I've been playing your videos at night while I sleep. Not bad training, falling asleep to the engine noise. Keep up the great videos.

  2. How don’t you get told to shut it off? I’m flying from the USA to Cape Town soon. I’m really looking forward to doing something like this

  3. The wing design alone on a boeing 777 or 747 is prettier than anything airbus makes period. Let alone the rest f the airplane boeing makes. The a350 is ok looking, and the a330 and a340. Not saying their quality isn't at the same level (aside from those rediculous side sticks). just saying airbus can't seem to make pretty airplanes. They wanted to have the biggest passenger plane and still managed to make it ugly as well. Just sayin

  4. I would absolutely love to go to both Chicago and Seoul one of these days. I hear Seoul has one of the world's largest economies.

  5. I like the airplanes for flight last year in sumer go to Málaga on 2 july with 3 july flight to airland very good video

  6. I want a large screen while this video is showing and an aircraft windows and chairs.that would be a nice experience lolz.anyways nice video! I might do this on infinite flight global when its released,wish me luck lol

  7. I know you all will think I'm crazy but … I watched the whole thing, well not exactly all of it but I did leave the video running in the background while I talked to friends on Skype and I would check the wing view out every so often. Pretty much kind of the same thing I do in flight simulator. I take off put the autopilot on and let the aircraft cruise while I chat and joke with friends on Skype, that's IF I'm not using ATC. This was pretty much the same thing the difference being that this was real and not a simulation, lol. I enjoyed it very much thank you. Yes, there are people out there that like these kinds of videos, thank you for delivering this gold nugget inflight Video!

  8. Who would watch the whole video it's 10 hours, that is short for that route though, it's usually 12hours from ICN TO ORD

  9. i am hong kong last year i went to chicago , i transfer in korea , and take the boeing 777-300er korean air to chicago too

  10. Thank you for the upload
    I always appreciate the time you take to do these videos it's about 1pm in uk just now but I have been up since 4am for work so bedtime for me lol and this is my nights chill out video , thanks again

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