rrz518 enjoys a 14 hour flight in a very comfortable luxurious business class seat on Virgin Australia.


  1. Great Video, although I wonder how many bogus passports have been made up with how the world is now with the passport number and name shown.

  2. people upload these videos to share their experience and as always complaining of this and that. go take a trip and upload the video your own way, or until then just watch or move on

  3. I enjoyed the video of your trip from LAX to SYD.    It's about as close as I will ever get to making such a trip, so thanks for the video.

  4. Come on! An almost 15 hour flight and no flat bed conversion in Business? Poor service from Virgin would never use them! On my regular flight GRU-LHR, (B.A.) 11 hours and a comfortable totally flat bed conversion that I can actually sleep in! That's real Business Class!

  5. 2-3-2 configuration in int'l business class is apparently stingy. SIA uses 1-2-1 in 77W and 2-2-2 in 772 & 773. Asking for 1-2-1 is a bit far fetched from an Australian perspective (slowly changing), but 2-2-2 should be the industry standard (minimum requirement) – there shall be no middle seat in the middle row on-board int'l business class, otherwise, the airline is considered a budget one. Moreover, QF 332 DOMESTIC even uses 1-2-1 or 2-2-2 configurations, hence VA's 2-3-2 on 77W does not fit well with its "full-service airline" transformation. Nevertheless, Virgin Australia's new business class seats will début on the Australia-US route in early 2016 with 1-2-1 configuration, after VA sorts out the issues of certification with B/E Aerospace (seat manufacturer).

  6. Have flown twice in business with virgin from BNE to LAX. The seats are a bit narrow but do lie flat. The service was great, can't complain. For the price not too bad. I could never fly that route again in economy, with a bad back it would be torture in anything but business.

  7. Really thought your channel is awesome man! Keep up the good work 🙂 If you could can you please check out my comedy channel? Thanks from Australia!

  8. cool vid 🙂  I just booked my flight with virgin and im going to los angles direct flight next year in feb    I also booked for the first row in economy gotta have that extra leg room 🙂

  9. I think their premium economy sucks. The seats are the same as cattle coach but a whopping 1 inch bigger. Their flight attendants are lazy bitches. I only saw them twice my whole flight.

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