Rebound in the secret of the flight MH370, disappeared on March eight, 2014, with 239 folks on board, in between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. A previous consul of Malaysia in Madagascar, was murdered on August 24, in the large island of the Indian Ocean. He was to convey back some particles from the equipment in his place. Malaysian authorities have taken the road to Madagascar.


On 24 August, Malaysian honorary consul Zahid Raza was shot dead in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. The Malagasy press has spoken of employed killers, a violent assault rifle attack, on the streets, as is typically the case in nations wherever the degree of corruption is superior.

very last week, this murder took on yet another dimension, in Australia. The assassination of Zahid Zara could be related to the secret of the Malaysia Airways flight MH730, which disappeared from the radars on eight March 2014, in between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, with 239 folks on board. It is in any case evoked by the American attorney Blaine Gibson, who dedicates his totally free time to seek out traces of the Boeing 777. For 3 many years, it crosses the islands of the Indian Ocean and the coasts of East Africa to locate particles. Quite a few have already been authenticated as belonging to the mysterious aircraft.

 US lawyer Blaine Gibson found debris from the Boeing 777 on the Mozambique coast in 2016.

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