This video features the Boeing 777-200 and the Boeing 777-300, which both are built in 2:1 scale.


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All credit to MegaTransat.

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  1. great plane!!! i have a tip for next time… On your computer look up the seating arangements and sea lanterns make the plane look more like a real plane. I still think you did a great job though!!!

  2. Man, when you first put out this video I was so impressed, and now that I'm about to restart my airport, (I started one on my old channel, scout Morgan but it got corrupted when I updated to 1.8) I just felt like saying, you nailed those engines. You really captured the sheer size of them perfectly. Well done man.

  3. Can I use your 777 for my airport map I will not upload it to any website my airport is only for personal use only please I promise I wont upload it

  4. So you're saying if someone copies your plane without permission, they're breaking the law? That's fucking stupid over a fucking plane built in Minecraft! I don't give a fuck about your stupid rules! Why should someone ask permission to build a useless plane in a game? That's the most fucked up thing I've ever heard! "You MUST ask permission from me to build this plane or the law could take action!" Fuck you!!
    "Oh no!! I'm gonna be arrested for copying a plane in a useless game!" I'm sure the law wouldn't give a shit!! What the FBI, CIA and a few other agencies are going to arrest me, put me in federal prison for life for coping your plane!! Screw you and your rules!!
    I'm gonna share this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, message it, Pinterest, for the world to see and I'm just gonna build it I couldn't give a FUCK what you'll do!!

  5. Hey could you give me permission to use the a340s only for personal use. ( I promise i'll don't upload them to any other guy ).

  6. Can I use this in my city. Please. I'll put you in the credits and say you put and built this. I only want to change that plain old white jet. To an American Airlines 777-300ER (New Livery of Course).

  7. I'm building an airport on my server. I got 2 A320s and 2 Boeing 737-800s. I wasn't planning any 777s at first, but these have got me encouraged! Also I'm going to make it an International Airport so it's really big, also going to add MD-11s, A340s, 747s, A330s, MD-80 series, and a LOT more planes that come to mind. Also, I might publish them on YouTube, and also even make tutorials! Also how's that airport doing with ZBLDS?

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