H A P P Y H E A V Y A I R C R A F T F R I D A Y ! ! ! !

The new American Airlines livery is becoming more common here at Chicago O’Hare Airport. You can usually see about 7-8 a day here now. This livery is certainly fun to film.

New American Airlines Boeing 777 -223ER 777-200ER N774AN / 7AE (cn 29581/208)
This one later departed as AAL#98 heavy to London Heathrow International Airport EGLL / LHR.
Love that close-up!!

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(New) American Airlines Boeing 777-200ER 777 -223ER N782AN / 7AN ( cn 30003/270)

Departure / Takeoff as AAL#86 to London Heathrow Airport EGLL /LHR from Chicago O’Hare Int’l Airport KORD / ORD
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  1. She's beautiful. I've been on one before flying from Paris (Charles De Gaulle, CDG) to JFK after my vacation in Paris.

  2. The 777 is truly the most gorgeous plane. I used to look out the airport windows when I was younger and ask my dad if he knew what the really long cool looking plane was? I love this plane so much and I finally get to fly on one when I go to Israel in a few months!!

  3. All long haul flights will be 777 soon. No more 747'S on order or a380 :(. But I do loveeee the 777 just saying the world can kiss the double decker a goodbye

  4. @donnyab these twin engine planes are very strong. Especially the 777. It isn't unsafe. It's super safe because the two engines are huge.

  5. i am always fascinated to see a bird takes off like that. and as always, to all of the great pilots out there, thank you for all that you do, keeping us safe!

  6. Basically, because of the reliability of engines nowadays there is almost never an engine shutdown due to failure, so airplanes are allowed, based on the ETOPS program, to fly over water with two engines. Airplanes can still fly and climb on one engine if they had to and there are several times when an airplane flew on one engine for several hundred miles over water safely.

  7. they do actually. just not to Chicago as it mostly does long-haul from LAX, DFW and JFK.

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