Aloha! Welcome to the island of Oahu in the great state of Hawaii! Watch as we approach from the West, pass over Hickam Air Force Base and land softly on Runway 8L! Listen to that awesome Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engine sound as the reverse thrust is engaged! Beautiful blue tropical water can be seen below along with pristine white sandy beaches! Gorgeous weather today! This is one of the original 777 aircraft! Service on board was excellent today and featured breakfast along with numerous beverage services on our 5 hour flight! The seats were not lie-flat and did not feature TV screens in the back of each seat, but it was fine for a five hour flight! Filmed from the First Class cabin on board United Airlines! Flight 641 from Los Angeles. 9/21/14.

Airline: United Airlines, UA
Plane: Boeing 777-222
Aircraft Delivery: 28 July 2000
Reg: N212UA
Flight Number : UA641
Airports: Honolulu International Airport HNL PHNL
Runway Used: RWY 8L
Date: 21 September 2014
Flight duration: 4h 54mins
Delay: 18mins
Time of day: 11:04am/1104
Seat: Row 4, Seat 4J
Origin: Los Angeles International Airport

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  1. Only 5 hours? Lol, you had it way better than my wife and I did. We flew the same aircraft out of Chicago-O'Hare, which was over 9 hours that seemed endless! Worth the wait though, no doubt.

  2. Very Cool! First views are of Barber's Point Air Station on SW tip of Oahu, then all the new subdivisions of Ewa Beach….all used to be sugar cane fields…old town on the left, new crap on the right…..I lived there in the mid 70s, and we would sit out on our surfboards and watch the heavies come in on approach to Honolulu…..just like this one!…..Shark Country, Sand Tracks and Cove surf spots are all visible as the plane passes by…..Also the high school complex comes into view, from which we were probably cutting class in order to be doing something relevant like surfing! I see the modular classrooms are still there….some things never change….that was one hard core town….lots of turf wars……not what the tourists ever see……
    Wow…thanks for that….takes me back to a past life for sure….

  3. Hi there, very spectacular landing from a great plane, Honolulu is a very expensive place to go and visit, however its just a case of shopping around before cheap places to stay and eat and go shopping before you go to this country. Thanks for posting

  4. Thank you for posting this great video! High def, no shaking, great sound…..5 stars! By the way, I have flown on N21UA countless times over the years in both coach and first class (always First to Hawaii!). The only bummer about this airplane is that it's the original, 2-class, Domestic configuration. I don't know why United has kept such a "blah" first class interior for such an expensive price. There is no value at all—it's basically wasted money, except for the extra legroom which is why I do it. UAL's service has gone so far downhill that I used up all of my Mileage Plus miles on "toys". I did not use the points for airline tickets or upgrades—I used my points to buy things from the UAL Mileage Plus catalog. That's how I got my iPads, iPhones, and other gizmos. They've become such a terrible, terrible airline these last few years. The only way to get a nice, modern cabin configuration with the classes of service (or I guess 4 is you count Economy Plus) is to fly international on a 744, 772, or 787. I've never been on the 787 yet but I'm looking forward to it—-San Jose to Tokyo on ANA.

  5. This video defies words. Absolutely special in every way. Beautiful views and melodious sounds of the PW4000, especially just before touchdown.

  6. Great vid.. That's Kalaeloa Airport at the begining of the video though. Hickam is right next to HNL. They actually share the same runway complex. Happy flying!

  7. United flies the 777 from LAX to Oahu, that seems like a huge plane for a domestic flight. Alaska flies the 737-800/900 from SeaTac to Honolulu , and Delta flies the Boeing 757 on the same route. The flight time from Seattle is roughly six hours, and your flight was only four, meaning you had less ground to cover. I think the reason might be because more people fly form LAX.

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