The Swiss device rolls to the gate in Saint Johns, wherever the ambulance is currently waiting around.

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The travellers of the flight LX8 from Zurich to Chicago experienced turbulent times on Monday about the Atlantic. Because of a medical crisis on board, the Boeing 777-300ER experienced to turn off at the level of Greenland and land in the Canadian Saint Johns. The device was started at 12.fifty five in Zurich.

“The ambulance is currently waiting around at the gate,” wrote a person on Twitter . Saint Johns Airport is situated in the Canadian province of Newfoundland. On Twitter the Swiss confirms the incident.

Afterwards the device could carry on the flight to Chicago according to on line flight companies.

When the Swiss-777 caught in the ice

The afflicted plane is the Boeing 777 with the registration HB-JND. The exact plane caused headlines in January this 12 months. Owing to an engine failure, the plane experienced to cancel the flight to Los Angeles in Iqalit, a mini-airport in the middle of the Canadian ice desert.



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