Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-3F6 / ER RP-C7774


  1. PAL need to replace the Airbus A340-300 used in flight PR114 (MLA to SFO) as the A340 has no onboard entertainemtn screen and they have to issue old Ipad (slow) to customer for use during in flight. the Airbus is cramp and not much leg room. even the flight attendant told me not to fly the PR114 as it is always the Airbus A340 that will be use.

  2. Beautiful Plane, may it fly long time safely with it's cargo of balikbayan boxes, including towels, sardines, rice, also 100s of branded products made other than China or in the Philippines. .:)

  3. Nicely done. I have been a subscriber tobyour videos for a couple of years now, Akino. I like all your videos. Do you happen to have a takeoff video of this?

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