After flying on Philippine Airlines’ B747-400, A320, A330, and A340, I finally got to be on board PAL’s Boeing 777-300ER.

(Ok, after that, I’m now bored, hahaha!)

This vid features:
-PAL’s cabin crew Ice, Stephanie, Anthony, and Gem
-B777’s Mabuhay and Fiesta class cabin
-Take off from NAIA
-The rear galley and lavatory
-Inflight service
-Landing in Mactan Cebu
-The flight deck
-and Daniel Kurtiz Lastrilla’s short greeting


  1. Shame about the weather in Cebu,the 4 time's i have been the weather as been very nice.
    Love this vid with the 777 insight and as usual the cabin crew are typical welcoming Filipino's.And you yourself seem a nice guy.

  2. this is a huge plane that PAL usually used for international flight, lucky you Mitch Young, you got this for a local flight. this is the plane that I took from Manila to Toronto with a stop over in Vancouver.

  3. I've meet Stephanie on Pal fligth honolulu -manila on December 31 2016..she's nice I'm glad she's promoted and she's now on
    pal international fligth..

  4. +chukkoi One of the things I like about Boeing 777-300 is the entertainment system! Speaking of Stephanie,was she already promoted by any chance? I had a vacation in the Philippines two weeks ago via Philippine Airlines.She looks like one of our cabin attendants that day (flight PR 431 Narita-Manila).

  5. Thank you Lei! Nakakatuwa naman na nag enjoy kayo manuod ng travel vids ko. Hope u'll have a safe and fun flight soon. Sana nga B777! 🙂

  6. Hello Jeffrey! I used to see B777's in Cebu before, and even flew on one of them. Recently when PAL restructured/reorganized their flights, I see only the A330 and the A320 that is used, if not the A319 on some occassions.

  7. Wow, nakakatuwa naman yung comment niyo. Thanks sa pag appreciate ng travel vids ko. More vids in my list. Thanks din for watching! 🙂

  8. Well, I don't use full name on the internet as I was a victim of identity theft six years ago. BUT, I am the Only, Kuya Bill Romjue on-line. My last name is rare, so I am the only one. Yes, I do enjoy your videos.

  9. Thank you sir. It's nice to know that u appreciate my travel vids. You can PM me your full name so I can include you in my greetings. Thank you for watching! More travel vids in my list. 🙂

  10. AWESOME video! I am a Boeing Aircraft Fan, I really enjoyed your video. PAL has beautiful Flight Attendants. Boeing has the coolest FlightDecks The 777 and the 747 are my favorites. I subscribed to your channel, Thank You again for sharing your videos.

  11. I've frequently flown on PAL's A319 in many of my flights to Dumaguete, and lately PAL Express' A320 having a mono class seating configuration. Bombardier aircrafts… hmmm… sometime soon I guess. 🙂

  12. @chukkoi
    After flying on Philippine Airlines' B747-400, A320, A330, B777, and A340, How about flying on Philippine Airlines' A319 and also PAL Express' A320, Bombardier Q400, & Bombardier Q300?

  13. Wala, tiyagaan. Grateful naman ako may nanunuod ng mga vids ko so one way to say thanks at least is to reply. Pero pag O.A. na yung subscriber, dinedeadma ko na or paminsan binablock ko na, hahaha! 😉

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