Watch as the crew get clearance and take off from Seattle enroute to Frankfurt in a brand new Boeing 777-200F. PLEASE NOTE: This is not my video and is owned by Copyright content is allowed by the owner. Please visit to purchase full video. Thank you.


  1. Are Lufthansa and Lufthansa cargo pilots taught to say their callsign in the beginning while reading back

  2. The 777 and those GE-90 engines are a engineering masterpiece. And in the hands of these great pilots the Triple 7 is complete.

  3. I could watch these for hours…wait, I DO watch these for hours! lol So informative and the professionalism is outstanding.

  4. When the 777 was first added to the Lufthansa Cargo fleet, how did they choose the pilots? Did they come from other airlines with 777 flying time, or do the pilots just need a minimum number of hours in the simulator?

  5. Great video. There are few queries though, at 7:10 the captain announces VNAV speed thrust set for climb but the thrust lever was not brought down to auto thrust position by looks of it the lever was at take off thrust position. Also the captain was manually flying the aircraft with help of FD, and the VNAV and LNAV was switched on later when asked to climb FL390. But the first officer was changing the heading and the altitude on the flight computer even before that while the aircraft was flown manually. How was that possible?

  6. Noticed more than a few Lufthansa Cargo 777s departing Snohomish Co on the infinite flight advanced server this morning.

  7. Every time I see video about flying and Lufthansa Airbus lm feel blasuer and trusted about this air ways…Thank you

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