Trailer VIE – NRT

With the Austrian Airlines and into the land of smiles. For the first time, a start is shown from three perspectives – from the cockpit, as an observer beside the runway and from the tower.

Highlights during the flight are the explanations for the Boeing 777 cockpit by AUA chief pilot Fritz Strahammer, the chance encounter with the Lufthansa 747 over the Russian Taiga as well as the visualization of the route through "moving GPS tracks" (implemented with the aid of Google Earth).

Again firm ground under the feet, Chefpilot Fritz Strahammer shows us the most beautiful corners of Tokyo before the next day back to Vienna.


  1. Sorry to be a airplane nerd right now, but in the title it says a Boeing 777, in the taxi, takeoff and such i clearly see a 767.

    I enjoyed every video you make, even the older ones.

    Greetings from Holland

  2. yeah, more atmosphere for the sun to travel through, means further light distortion, gets converted into more and more red wavelengths, pretty spectacular.

  3. I have no idea why some people claim to see to different planes during take off. The only plane showm is definitely a B777-200!

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