Taken from seat 4L onboard AA969 from MIA-DFW. Crank up the volume and listen to those Rolls Royce Trent 892 scream to life and power out of Miami for the short flight to Dallas.


  1. As much as I appreciate RR, I fly the 300ER and prefer the GE engines. Considerably more thrust and a bit more quiet. They are real work horses for us!

  2. Take off is my first favorite part with the rush of speed and landing is the best part feeling those tires touch on the ground safely!

  3. i remember riding on one of these for the first time. i'll never forget the sound of the engine when taking off.

  4. Nice video, an excellent one, it would has been wonderfull, if you included the DFW landing too, rgds.

  5. My dad had the privilege to fly 777, was also a check air man for it for American. he started flying them in 94 the he was apart of the first group of 777 pilots for American. always ask him what it was like switching from the 767. he always tells me the power was the most noticeable.

  6. it's amazing to think he is carrying 2 737 under each wing. the engines are the same diameter as the 737 fuselage.

  7. GE90 is good but it doesn't have that low growl that the RR develops at high power….miracle of engineering

  8. It always amazes me watching the wing tips flex up at take off lifting the bird off the ground

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