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Overall Impression:
All in all, this was another excellent flight on Qatar Airways. We were bummed about not being able to bring our guests to the al Mourjan lounge, but were happy to be able to see the “other first class lounge”. The flight was a typical Qatar flight. We got excellent and efficient service from the crew. An awesome dining on demand service with great food presentation and quality. The seats, well they were the older business class seats, but since I was traveling with a companion it worked out rather well. And of course, the pajamas and flight amenities were also a nice touch. I give this flight a solid 8.5 out of 10.

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  1. Hello there! Great video with detail! If you can, can you please do a video with Hainan Airlines please? Oh, and I have subscribed! :-))

  2. Great Video Man! very lucky to be in the first class lounge!!! the business class looks quite modern! hope you will have a nice time at Johannesburg 🙂 Safe travels to you, Elias

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