This video, shot in a Boeing 777 simulator, demonstrates a slow depressurisation scenario that escalates to the point of a rapid descent. Entertainment value only.

This video was produced for the CRM/NTS training environment so, as such, doesn’t necessarily demonstrate or reflect best operating or SOP compliant practices.

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  1. when it started beeping i thought he was just swearing into the headset… i mean its a pretty reasonable reaction to depressurisation but i imagine its frown upon by the air industry

  2. About 85 seconds of no crew communication during early-mid stages of descent. If there had been a problem with their O2 they may not have ided it and got hypoxic imo. It has happening in the past.

  3. These videos are interesting, but how come "don oxygen masks" are not the first point on the check list?
    A depressurisation causes cerebral hypoxia much faster than simply holding your breath, because the blood becomes unable to redistribute oxygen to your brain. Instead of 30-90 seconds of useful conciousness, you're closer to 5-10 seconds. That's enough time for making and executing a single decision.
    After a few similar crashes there was an industry wide change making "DON OXYGEN MASKS" the very first point in the check list in any indication of a pressure issue. What's changed since then, and why have we returned to making fault searching the first point?

  4. With the packs on, couldn't they have given a little throttle while the brakes were out to help mitigate pressure loss? Notice that when they idled the engines at the start of the decent the cabin altitude rate jumped from +500 to about +3000.

    Just curious–I'm certainly no pilot.

  5. IDK think it is foul language it just something key words that are given during times like this so they dont want anyone to know how they say it so just in case terrorist jack a plane

  6. "Mayday, mayday, mayday you stupid fucking son of a bitch control fucking tower from wherever the fuck we are now, we are conducting a rapid descent…"

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