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One Hundred, Fifty, Fourty, Thirty, Twenty… and go around!
The airplane was only 20 ft over the runway before going around. A very rare sight here in Martinique. HD1080p available.


Airline: Air France
Aircraft: Boeing 777-328ER
Registration: F-GZNF
Flight No: AF3552
Destination: Fort-de-France – Aimé Césaire Int’l (TFFF, FDF)
Origin: Paris Orly (LFPO, ORY)
Time of departure: 1.34 pm (4 min late)
Time of arrival to the gate: 4.40 pm (45 min late)
Flight duration: 8h30
Seat: 43L
Flight Level: FL380

Camera: Nikon D3100 + Nikkor 18-55 VR Lens

Thanks for watching!


  1. I just love how the Dutch people are screaming: "What is going on?", "I looks like the pilot isn't going to tell us what's going on!" And the French guy is just sitting there like: "Magnifique". Lol.

  2. Amazing sound? Dude, it's clipping so hard…. Good thing you're no audio engineer, you'd be fired for calling that amazing xD
    But nice go around. I wonder what happened

  3. its incredible how massively over-powered commercial jet planes are… as they should be in case of one engine failure

  4. normale l inclinaison du commandant de bord  en face il y a un morne en plus  les beaux parleur sur l inclinaison que vous trouvé trop abusé relisé vos manuels sur la marge de relance+la vitesse de descente+la grosse colline (du morne bois rouge) en face tout ça c est JUSTE ET MAGNIFIQUE

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