Flight info:
Airline: United Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 777-222
Reg: N772UA
Livery: Normal
Airport: Portland International Airport
Runway: 10L
Flight #: UA876
Route: PDX-SEA
Date: 1/21/13
Time: 12:40PM
Comments: Diverted from SEA due to fog.


  1. why would they divert the aircraft due to fog? that's why auto approach exists. it's there for situations like this

  2. unites airlines and Texas Dallas fort worth dfw airports they did bullies bullying abused abuses asia asian peoples and foreign foreigner people tht junk law junking laws shitty law damn shitty law of America US shitty damn need to fix it ass hole

  3. I hope United gets some fresh new 300ER's next year or some of the 777x 😀 and I also have one question, does the United 777-200 have GE 90's or something different? Because I don't really know if the 200's have GE 90's

  4. Nice catch! Flew one SFO-CLE once, but now that United closed its hub in CLE, there are no more widebodies. Cool plane

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