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Refurbishment of 777s is not a ray of hope – Quebec Aviation


The refurbishment of PIA’s Boeing 777 fleet has been initiated with AP-BHX. PIA spokesperson has clearly said that new management team aims to make PIA a profitable entity within the time period of six months and for that, they have prepared a business plan which will definitely prove effective for the fate of national flag carrier. The new management is working hard to find a way to change general public perception.
According to my analysis, the refurbishment is not going to help in fact this is another loss worthy deal for PIA in the long run. PIA has approximately 4 billion $ of debts and losses. The sum is considerably high in number. PIA is following a series of losses in the past decade due to which the airline has already closed many routes and sold their landing rights to other airlines. Another reason which I consider it can be the reason and that is lack of available fleet for the current flight operation and extensive political interference.

The refurbishment was announced in 2016 when a failed venture which PIA started in the tenure of German COO i.e. PIA Premier due to which the decision of refurbishment of 777 fleet was taken to add a fleet to PIA premier to enable the consumer to enjoy the world-class services on top profit making routes. After the failure of Srilankan A330 deal the chapter of Premier Service was closed but the refurbishment decision was still floating. According to PIA officials after refurbishment, the 9 out of 12 777 will get their interior and IFE systems transformed into state of the art category which will attract the traveler to enjoy the direct flights from Pakistani Airports. Keeping in mind that Premier is already a long gone story and Srilankan A330 is now returned to their actual operators.
The refurbishment for these 8 777s which will include all three variants which PIA operate. This will cost a fortune for these 11 years old 777s which will be flying for not more than 10 years and of course when they will be sent for refurbishment they will be taken out of the service and ferried to the vendors who will work on the aircraft to install the mentioned interiors and IFEs which is in Singapore according to reports.
Do you really think that spending almost half a billion dollars on 8 777s which will only serve you for the next 10 years is a safe investment? PIA is already planning to close its only American route due to low sales.
Where are we heading and what we have already done to our national carrier?
Since last 2 decades, we haven’t found any person who is capable of making it profitable?
We called a person from abroad to help us out and we kicked him too?
If we cannot make it run why just don’t we sell it already? Our Civil Aviation rather promoting the national carrier already busy in kissing the feet of Gulf Airlines because they are the source of huge kickbacks and they obviously don’t give a damn about the national flag carrier.

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