British Airways B777-300 Business Class/Club World Review
BA39 from London Heathrow to Beijing Capital
Reg: G-STBH Seat: 14K
Flight Time: 9Hrs

Featuring the British Airways First Class Lounge at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, The Boeing 777-300 Club World Experience to China’s capital Beijing.

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  1. Well I get the point that the seat is smallish & very intimate with fellow passengers, and without storage space whatsoever. But, somehow the claustrophobically private backward facing window seat looks somewhat cozy in this video… I'll try the product out soon, and you never know when expectations are low, something good usually happens ;D

  2. Nice video. Great presenting, good choice of music. Let down by tired BA product. That seat looks like its from a Pan Am 747-200 from 1982. Alex Cruz just wont spend money he's budget airline through and through and he's trading short term gains in share price for long term business. Airline passengers are fickle and will leave.

  3. I hate the look of the BA Business Class. The seat layout is awful and the window seat looks so boxed in. We flew with Emirates and their Business Class is a much better layout. We would avoid BA Business Class.

  4. That looks like the Business Class lounge at Terminal 5 to me, not the Concorde Room (First Class lounge). Also, NEVER ever ever use the water from the lavatory under any circumstances, even to brush your teeth.

  5. BA have been using this business class product for at least 15 years, one of the worst product as well. I will never pay to fly BA business class.

  6. Excellent…your subscription numbers should shoot up in no time. BA J and F classes always attracts larger views than other airlines. I've subbed.

  7. British Airways Club World is quite a shitty product, the seats are shite and VERY claustrophobic with crew reaching over the aisle passengers, the catering is so so and the fares are sky high. Crock of shit!

  8. Nice video! Although you somehow got off the tube at Terminal 4 and then suddenly appeared at T5. You'll have to tell me that trick!

  9. Yes, I like flying front ways…The window flying backwards is not what I go for…But I still like flying BA…I have am a former United Airlines Purser Flight Attendant.. With working to London, yes, my crew and I fly the 777-300.

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