Thai Airways 777-200 Business Class Review
TG615 from Beijing Capital to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi
Reg: HS-TVJ Seat: 16C
Flight Time: 4:30Hrs
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Featuring Thai Airways Boeing 777-200 from Beijing Capital Airport to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, featuring the Business Class Cabin.

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Music by Joakim Karud



  1. Hi Josh, Great Video <– Very informative and enjoyable to watch, at 4:32 what was the bottle she placed on the table and why did she leave it there, was it Duty Free?

  2. You travel to Beijing a lot, Is this for work ? Ha I love that you referred to it as a wonderful polluted day in Beijing. Nice video, thanks for sharing.

  3. Do you always stay at different hotels before going on a trip? I recall you might have filmed yourself at your apartment prior to one of your trips.

  4. Hi,very cool video! like the sequences and the music.Hope you keep us entertained with your videos!! BTW…your T Shirt is also cool………cheers!

  5. Regional business , personality I don't like it . I feel it's way too close to a stranger ! And I can see by the way you were leaning to the agile my perception is correct

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