San Francisco-based designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart is building a 1:60 scale model of a Boeing 777 out of manila folders, a project that he has been working on and off for the past 5 years. The 22-year-old began his incredibly detailed model back in 2008 after becoming inspired from an architecture class where he learnt to make simple models out of card. Iaconi-Stewart decided to take the idea a step further and began work on an airplane.

Iaconi-Stewart discovered a detailed schematic of an Air India 777-300ER online which he recreated in Adobe Illustrator before printing them directly onto the paper manila folders. Iaconi-Stewart says he has had to redesign many elements to make them work, saying that the hardest parts have been any curved sections or moving parts.
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  1. You should really be an enginerr for boeing great talent man….what all materials is required for building the aircraft.i n my friends r intrested in making such aircrafts.kindly guide us pls i would be very much thankful n obliged to you Sir!

  2. Who or why give this a thumbs down? Jealous morons! This work is absolutely incredible and stunning. Tremendous build and my utmost respect on this mind blowing project! Greetings from Colorado USA.

  3. великолепно) я длаю бумажные модели танков времен второй мировой войны вот думаю и самолеты тоже делать

  4. Ya know, I've been building models off and on for the last 45 years. I've built contest winners, models for collectors and even built for movies but damn….now I think I need to find another hobby. This is definitely world class stuff. Wow.

  5. Hello, how are you ? I am a new registered and charmed by aircraft models. I wonder if working with sales models, how can I budget, how can I have complete information about your work, if do order, are exported to another country. If you can answer me, thank very heart. I thank the attention and waiting for answers. hug and congratulations for the work. A true work of art.

  6. this is one of the most amazing and detailed scale model builds i have ever seen. would be even more impressive if you could add real moters to it and have it fly

  7. in the description it says that any curved edges are the hardest. I see a lot of curvy edges in there…

  8. Guys yesterday I saw a epic video for paper craft go onto Cannon Creative Park I am going to use it today

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