The contest – launched by XPRIZE and the Japanese airline ANA – termed on the most important science fiction feathers to drive you to the problem .




The pitch? You are sitting aboard a Boeing 777 in spot 14C and touring from Tokyo to San Francisco. It is June 28, 2017. At landing and soon after a “slight” disruption of space-time, you comprehend that the date has modified: you are in 2037. How do you react and specially how you Do you adapt to these new systems that encompass you?




Margaret Atwood, Paolo Bacigalupi, Bruce Sterling, Hugh Howey, Mike Resnick … they all participated in the development of this potential anthology and have already revealed their variation on the dedicated system To the procedure.




“These writers offer a interesting insight into what the long run could offer in various parts: transport, vitality & environment, instruction, identification and privacy, housing , Funds, work and even interpersonal associations. “clarifies Eric Desatnik, initiator of the undertaking and Director of Public Relations of the organization XPRIZE




Seat 14C: The Origin Story






“Paolo Bacigalupi wrote about a person sitting in spot 25G and imagines that he is grafting a cerebral implant. The story of Madeline Ashby is about a female in 19D who participates in an artificial intelligence contest. (…), “observes the GeekWire system.

Every writer goes there with his prognoses and imagines the lifestyle that we could have within twenty a long time.

The record of the 14C siege stays to be defined, and this is exactly your mission.

 Seat 14C




On the system, Net end users can simply click on the seat in query and are invited to submit their personal story. Some constraints ought to be taken into account: the format ought to not exceed three,500 words and ought to respect specified vital variables.

“The stories will be judged in accordance to the subsequent criteria: one of a kind vision of the long run, respect for promptness and alignment with our techno-optimistic vision of the long run. “Said XPRIZE. The fictions will then be examined by the Science Fiction Advisory Council of the organization.




A vital to the massive winner seated in 14C? An ANA flight for two to Tokyo, housing and funds provided as very well as a GoPro and a transportable voice translator …

Eventually an immersive and revolutionary brand promo that appeals to our meninges.

To your pens!

The Seat 14C Record Contest is open to everyone above the age of 18, everywhere in the entire world. The deadline for submission of article content is August 25th. The winner will be declared in September.



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