9V-SWI. Manchester UK to Munich. 9th April 2011


  1. I absolutely disagree with you Brithany. Taking videos of the whole subject these days is cliche. You need close ups of the awesome features here and there. It's an effect.

  2. Hello Simon…. I just now arrived here from your other # 85 Video Group… I'm now pleasantly surprised that you have HD Quality Videos here.
    I was grumbling and cursing before as to all those 'old' videos but, took a chance on your recommendation. Airplane Videos should "Always" be uploaded in HD quality in order to enjoy from Windscreen to Tail, the Beauty of those flying machines.
    . . . . . Thanks

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  4. It`s obvious and we get it – you don`t like this. But some of us do enjoy watching these beasts up close, as well from a distance. Please don`t judge us, and turn off caps lock next time.

  5. Look at the many Japanese airlines, they use 777's and 747's as regional jets because they need the seating capacity that no RJ can hope to provide.

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