In this trip report, we have a look at the older Singapore Airlines First Class product aboard a Boeing 777-300ER flight between Melbourne and Singapore.

We first start off by arriving at the First class check-in counters at Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport. After finalising the check-in formalities we pass through immigration & security to head to the airport’s basement where a lot of the airline lounges are located. Upon arriving at the SilverKris Lounge, we’re directed to the more exclusive and private First Class section where we find it to be quiet and underutilised. The food selection at the buffet table and the a la carte menu are both examined.

First class passengers get priority boarding and board the aircraft via a separate jetbridge. On board, I notice that the B777 has the decade old First Class seat, which I found to be a very decent First class product still. Before and after we take-off, I review the hard product seat in detail. All the nooks and crannies are examined – the seat, the cushion, the fixed shell surrounding the seat, the IFE screen, the ottoman, the storage spaces, the privacy screen, etc.

In the air, I have a look at the food and drink offerings which spans over 2 meal services – lunch and a refreshment service. The highlights include Krug and Dom Perignon champagne, caviar, lobster thermidor, pan-fried veal and the Wedgwood bone china the meals are served on. The different seat positions and the bed is also reviewed in the video.

Before arriving in Singapore, the flight crew do a surprise birthday celebration for my partner. This is a free service available with many airlines, so long as the recipient’s birthday is within a few days of the flight. We’re given a large, rich chocolate cake and a couple of souvenir teddy bears as part of the service.

Upon arrival in Singapore, we quickly breeze through immigration & customs to pick up our baggage and locate our limo driver, who drives us to the Hilton Singapore.



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  1. lmaooo at melbournes lounges for business class… thats soooo embarrassing for passengers to be in… fix your aiport melbourne its a shit hole

  2. Excellent filming and editing, lots of information, love the size of the captions (easy to read), a real feel for what it was like to be on this flight. Thank you.

  3. Eddie your videos are amazing! They are kind of soothing. Heres a goofy question. I flew Lufthansa from New York to Frankfurt, then changed planes to Egypt. The last two rows of seats had been taken out and they had installed 2 treadmills! It was really nice to be able to walk a little to stretch your legs. Have you seen that on any of the airlines you frequent? I have never had occasion to fly that part of the world…hopefully someday.
    Thank you again for the videos,
    Tom B

  4. Evening, Do you ever choose extra music to go with your videos, or do you stick to the music specific to the airline you are on?

  5. Hi Eddie thanks for your invaluable advise.One more thing just wondering do u take prior permission from the airlines umm let's say for security issues.Reason bieng I myself is so paranoid I say to myself "hey if I shoot publicly a video or photo who knows I accidently capture someone's partner or any security sensitive issue,will I remain alive to handle the camera again!!!! LOLzzzz.

  6. Such a nice videos!. How long do you use to spend in the lounges? For me traveling is already boring even for leisure. Any suggestion?

  7. Fabulous quality videos. Could you do a video, or comment on your luggage? Carry on case to a backpack, hard sided checkin case v soft case. You would have it down pat by now and would be interested in you views.

  8. I love your videos so so much keep up the good work there. I would really like to see a Philippines Airline video I always wanted to try them

  9. +Eddie Khoo Here is a request! Make a tripreport on Delta Airlines Sydney to New York (via Los Angeles) DL40. Then upload British Airways 182 from New York to London. Then, upload QF2 from London to Sydney (via Dubai).

  10. Hey Eddie. Thanks for the super video. I enjoy every video of yours before gng to bed. Btw what do you? Just keep traveling all over the world? Wow.

  11. Hi mate , Great video keep up the good Work , wich first is the best in the Total product ?! Incl Seats service and lounge ?! ……. grz from Amsterdam

  12. Bro, you've grown. I remember first watching you in July 2016 where you had like 3k subs, look where you are now, 22k. Never forget that Eddie, don't get caught up in all your success, remember how you started out.

    You have some of the best camera skills, detailing, editing, and overall skill when you make videos.

  13. WOW Awesome Best Ever to see in my life .Any idea how can i get reasonable fare . pls advce from SFO-RGN–LOW season okay thanks

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